damn do I suck

I had a fun time last night  but I totally failed to even make out with this girl who was intensely hitting on me. That’s what I get for being drunk. (So, despite my complaints in previous posts, apparently I can get drunk. Let’s see what it took: 4 shots of tequila, 2 margaritas, and about 4 beers, all in about an hour. Hm. But I was almost completely recovered 5 hours later, and I have no hangover now, which is really awesome.)

So, here’s why I suck right now. I have absolutely no idea how to write to a girl on a dating site. A good friend of mine advised me to create an account on a dating site (’cause at my school there are basically 0 available girls who have any shared interests with me whatsoever), and I did so, and I search around and found some profiles of girls who seem cool, but now I have no idea what the hell to say to them. ‘Hey, your profile is interesting, lets meet for coffee some time?’ …..

One Response to “damn do I suck”

  1. yea, pretty much….whatever you do, don’t tell her she’s pretty until you meet her in person…..way to easy to forge pics now. anyways….wow…dude…you can’t even make out with a girl that was basically humping ur leg!?!?! what’s wrong with you!?!? if a guy or girl says hi you should always assume more until they tell you less.

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